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Starting at the age of 8 through the age of 18, Giuliano was under the guidance of Stefano Visconti in Guido Monaco Polyphonic Choir in Livorno, for his piano lessons.
Thanks to some friends, he begins playing and learning the keyboard for fun, and around 1990 he writes his first songs.

One of his songs was stolen, and, without his knowledge, it won 2nd place in a radio contest. So because now he finally sees his potential, he registers to SIAE as an artist and music composer.

The birth of his first demo has finally arrived, and some of his songs are listened to in 1999 by Claudio Baglioni, a famous Italian artist, who finds them interesting.Self-taught in guitar and drums he starts to play "guitar and voice" in the pubs of Tuscany, he makes a piano bar duet in 2000 (Senza un Motivo) and he grows professionally.

From 2001 to 2003 he studies solo singer in the Medialab School of Firenze with the teacher Sonia Alicervi.

In 2004, he begins his career as a piano bar/singer in touristic hotels and villages, the job allows him to advertise his qualities of songwriting too.
On May 25, 2009 Giuliano is selected for the semi-finals of "Senza Etichetta" Music Contest in Cirie' (TO).

In 2009, Giuliano starts his class lessons for the selection of the Sanremo Lab. This is his key to go to the Sanremo Festival in the category "New Proposals" but the battle is very hard and he stops at the first step, despite the compliments of the jury of the Ariston Theatre.

In October of 2009, Giuliano receives the award for "Best Piano Bar in Summer 2009" from the Vilaggi and Tribu company.

In September of 2010, he temporarily suspends his travel seasons and returns to Tuscany to devote himself to his music events, especially marriages, showing the fruits of his experiences.

Since October 2010 he has started improving his vocal technique with the SLS method taught by Silvia Spagnoli..